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Resume Critique to help you Secure More Engineering Interviews

Fix the IssuesIdentify the OpportunitiesStand Out from the Crowd

Does Your Current Resume Get Results?

Is explaining your accomplishments difficult?

Are your struggling to get interviews?

Did your last resume blast work?

Do you wish you had the time to taylor your resume to each job?

Is it time to reavamp your resume?

Does writing your resume make your brain hurt?


We'll put your resume through a 24-point inspection and tell you where the issues are


We'll add comments right to your document to tell you what can be improved and how


We'll reformat your resume so that it can easily be scanned by HR or the engineering manager

Bonuses: Networking & Interviewing Cheat Sheet

We'll give you a 2-page cheat sheet that will help you with networking and improve your interview skills

How We Work on Our Projects
  • Step 1

    Order this service and send us your resume and a job you're applying for

  • Step 2

    We'll get back to you within 5 business days with your re-formatted resume, your list of recommendations and your networking and interviewing bonuses

  • Step 3

    You review our comments to make changes to your resume

  • Step 4

    You apply to your desired job(s) with a well written resume and will be ready for the interview when you land one.

What Makes Our Resume Critique So Different?

We hire engineers. We work with companies that hire engineers. We're engineers. We know what in a resume works and what doesn't work.

Use our services and get more call backs.

Don't burn another bridge with your desired company by sending out a poorly written resume.

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