Copyright Infringement Settlement

Dear aspiring professional,

Our legal department has been notified that you have violated your individual licence of our NPPE Study Guide.   We have sufficient proof of illegal distribution to others at your company which is in strict violation of Section 34(1) of the Copyright Actwhich prohibits any person copying or sharing this material for any reasons whatsoever without the consent of PPE Products.  We would like to give you the opportunity to resolve this privately rather than involve others that would normally be notified in the event of an email subpoena (e.g. VP, CEO).

For a quick resolution to this matter, follow these steps:

  1. Destroy, shred or delete any copy of the guide. This may include hard copies, that stored on FTP servers or otherwise.
  2. Contact other who may have a copy to do the same.
  3. For those that have received a copy of your guide, ask them to order the NPPE Advanced Course by the date specified in your email to avoid any copyright infringement on his/her end.
  4. Compensate the copyright owner for losses by ordering the appropriate number of licences shared (see below).
  5. Reply to your email to confirm you have complete these steps.


Number of Copies Shared

If the number you order closely matches the number of shared copies we have proof of, we will be able to accept the settlement of your account and issue you a release of infringement responsibility.

We look forward to the quick resolution of this matter.


PPE Copyright Infringement Team

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