COVID-19 update

(updated on May 5, 2020 at 10am EST)

Dear Aspiring Engineer,

As concerns around COVID-19 increase here in Canada, we at Practice PPE Exams are listening to the news from the provincial and territorial engineering associations to make sure that we are there to give you the support you require. Any impact (e.g. exams being postponed) should be notified on your Association's website first, and then we'll try to summarize those impacts here. We'll also communicate with our registered course uses as news becomes updated.

So far, the only impact seems to be:

  • PEO has now adopted the NPPE for its law and ethics exam. Here is a link to our NPPE Total Prep Course.  Your exam can be written remotely (e.g. potentially at home using a computer and webcam or at work with a P.Eng. proctor).
  • NPPE / BC PPE candidates will have the option to write the June exam via virtual proctoring or to defer the examination to a future session at no cost.
  • Technical exams - the May technical exams have been cancelled. The next official sitting is in December, and another date may be added in between, depending on the progress of the pandemic.

All other exams and licensing steps appear to be proceeding as normal for now. This will likely change as we most closer to more exam dates and things progress. As a result, we are providing free course extensions to anyone who can't write the exam or complete a certain licensing step within the allotted time. We will be looking at more ways we can help over the coming days.

Please take care of yourself and those close to you during these challenging times.



Gavin Simone, P.Eng.
Owner - Practice PPE Exams