Alberta Work Experience Record WWHO formula

Alberta Work Experience Record - WWHO Formula

The MOST Critical Submission Guideline You Can’t Ignore

key concept

Here's the deal:

There is ONE key concept that APEGA wants you to understand, perhaps more than any other.  

If you get this key idea right, your submission will be looked upon favourably and you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting a timely approval.

If you DON’T follow this rule,  you’ll take much longer to write up your submission and you’ll increase your chances for an interview.

The one big thing that matters to APEGA is WWHO

You might be wondering: What does understanding the WWHO formula have to do with a successful Work Experience Record? Allow me to explain this acronym. 

     W - What you did (specific to your engineering background)
     W - Why you did it (your reasons and  (your role)
     H - How you did it (your tasks, challenges, methods)
     O - Outcome  (your contribution and the big end result)

In the example below you'll see just one example (or 'situation' as I call it).  But I've written it with different levels of detail to show you how you the WWHO is satisfied. 

Let's take a look: 

WWHO formula
Experience Record Example - WWHO Formula
Increasingly better engineering "situations" that demonstrate work experience.

Most of the aspiring engineers that I work with miss the WWHO formula completely.   It’s as if they didn’t even know about it. 

So … if you remove just 1 letter from WWHO when writing up your Experience Record project examples, your reviewer won’t be able to fully appreciate your experience. All 4 are needed for each project example.  If project example after project example fails to provide sufficient detail about your experience, the reviewer may say “we'd better request technical exams, I really can’t put my finger on what/why/how he was doing it and what the outcome was”.   This is not where you want to be. 

interview for engineering licence

Review Your Experience Record So Far Against WWHO

Take what you have written so far and put it through the WWHO test. Does each project example answer the What/Why/How/Outcome? If not, rewrite every example so that it is clear to you (and to the reviewer) why you deserve that licence.  

For sample experience records and step-by-step help including lessons on all the best practice, common mistakes and frequently asked questions, register for our Experience Record Rapid Submission Course.

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