Alberta Experience Record Course

Alberta Work Experience Record - Rapid Submission Course

Submit in less than 30 days by following these 7 simple steps


Step 1: Checklist & Welcome Video   (1 day)

1a. Download checklist & cheat sheet. Print a copy.


AB Experience Record Checklist.pdf
Download File



AB Experience Record Cheat Sheet.pdf
Download File


1b.  Watch this welcome video.  This will give you an overview of what you can expect to cover over the next days.
Interview Quiz

Step 2: Technical Exam Quiz (1 day)

2a.  Take this short quiz to get instant feedback on what you can do to reduce your chances of writing a technical exam.  To best understand where you are, answer truthfully based on your unique situation, rather than selecting the best answer.   

Determine your chances of being asked to write a technical exam based on your education and experience.

download your application

Step 3: Start APEGA Application and Review the Record Template (1 day)

Click the image above to start the slideshow and the follow the steps shown.
Get Educated

Step 4: Get Educated (1 - 2 days)

4d. Sample Experience Records
Scroll the Scribd files below to view the sample experience records.    These records should not be relied upon as proper engineering design methodology. Instead, they do a great job at showing you:

  • the use of the WWHO formula on nearly every situation.   
  • how there are more situations listed in the Application of Theory and Practice Experience sections. 
  • how each candidate excluded 1 or more employer experiences that weren't their best "engineering experience".  


Sample #1 - Canadian Experience Only



Sample #2 - Canadian & International Experience 

Compile your Template

Step 5: Compile your Template (5-15 days)

5a.  Aim for filling out 3 - 5 tabs with your situation. 
List out all of your employers.  Pick the best, most technical 3 to 5 of them that cover a minimum of 48 months.  Use those to write situations and for the other durations still use a tab but write, "I worked at ______ as a _____ but wish to exclude this from my submission".   Refer to the samples above if you're not sure. 

  • If you have 5+ employers - select your best 3-5.
  • If you have 1 or 2 employers -  select 2-4 major jobs for each employer and write them as if they were individual employers.

5b.  Write out your situations in bullet form.  

Now that you have selected your top 3-5 employers (or major jobs) write out a list of situations in bullet format beside each one. 

  • Bridge Inspection Inc:  Application of Theory - Calgary bridge design; Edmonton bridge inspection; Red Deer condition study analysis; Spruce Grove long-span bridge design;  Practical Experience - building code assessment in Leduc, ...)

5c.   Watch this video on how to use the compiling tool below. 
This will help you turn your bullets into full 100 or 80 word situations. 

5d. Use the Situation Generator Tool below to turn your bullet points (from step 5b) in to 'situations'. 
As you complete each situations, copy it and paste it in to the APEGA Work Experience Record template that you have access to online.  

Request a Review

Step 6: Request a Review (allow 5 days)

Now that you have become educated and I've taken you through the process to have your draft ready for APEGA, it is probably looking good and if you're comfortable submitting it then I would encourage you to do so.  If you feel they you may benefit from my personal review, I offer a Review Service to ensure that your experience record looks and reads the best it can. 

Who this is for: 
Everyone that is ready or nearly ready to submit.  I will give you detailed feedback and help you identify areas for improvement before APEGA see it.  

What you will receive: 

I will dedicate 1 or 2 hours to reviewing and providing actionable feedback to you on your write up.  I will identify: common mistakes, areas for improvement and conformance with submission guidelines.  I will follow my review with a phone call to discuss my comments and suggestions for improvements. 

To have your draft reviewed, you can purchase a review at this page near the bottom.  If you purchased the Course + Review, a 2-hour review is already included in your purchase. Email me your draft Work Experience Record to  [email protected] and I'll complete your review within 5 business days.  

To send your draft to me - select 'print' and then 'save as' - 'pdf'.  Also, please copy what you have written into an MS Word document and send that to me too.  

submission step

Step 7: Submit to APEGA (1 day)

Your Work Experience Record is just one of a number of submission requirements for your P.Eng. licence.  It is the most time consuming and confusing requirement, which is why I dedicated this extensive membership page and these tools to help you understand how to maximize your submission results.  

Follow the three steps in the slideshow below to submit. 

Click on the above images to start the slideshow.
additional resources

Additional Resources

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

  1. Read APEGAs Licence Application Guide
  2. Read APEGAs: Professional Member References to learn how to properly select and designate references. 
  3. Read APEGAs Types of Engineering Experience to learn about the 5 different core competencies.  
  4. To ensure your application is meeting all of the requirements, read APEGAs Checklists which covers a variety of application types. 
gavin simone, p.eng.

Thank you for investing your time to submit your experience record properly. If you would like to contact me, please use our contact page.  I wish you all the best in your upcoming career as a P.Eng. or P.Geo.


Gavin Simone, P.Eng.
Gavin Simone, P.Eng.
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