Experience Record – Ontario – day 3

Five Days to Ontario Experience Record Success
- with Gavin Simone, P.Eng. - Day 3

The Fastest Way To Get Your Experience Record Started & 60% Complete

What does the cost of two Starbucks drinks have to do with your Experience Record?

Well, for about the price of two lattes, your Experience Record can go from 0 to 60 (percent that is).  That’s right - about $10 and you’re over halfway done with minimal work.  This is the easier half, but at least you have made some progress.

One of the most frequent complaints that I hear from destined engineers is, “the PEO Ontario Experience Record takes a long time to write up.”   My reply is, if something takes too long, then do only what you need to and outsource the rest.

We are lucky to have modern technology and the ability to connect to people from different corners of the globe that are willing to help us achieve our goals in exchange for some money.   Let me explain the steps of how this works. 

Step 1: Download the PEO Experience Record template 

experience record shortcut
PEO Experience Record Template
PEO Experience Record Template

Step 2: Go to page two of your downloaded file and copy that page for each employer that you are using (e.g. if you had 3 employers you would create 2 new pages for a total of 3).

PEO Experience Record - formatting for 3 employers
PEO Experience Record - formatting for 3 employers

Step 3: For each employer, jot down a brief description of the project examples you work on related to each competency.  I recommend the following number of examples for each employer:

  • 5-6 for Application of Theory
  • 5-6 for Practical Experience
  • 3-4 for Management of Engineering
  • 2-3 for Communication Skills
  • 2-3 for Knowledge of the Social Implications of Engineering
Brainstorming for your Application of Theory Experience Record write up

Step 4: Record yourself describing the What Why How Outcome (WWHO) of what you have done.  If you missed the first post in this series that talked about the WWHO formula you can read the Day 1 post.  There are many free software options like Audacity that allow you to record for free and most computers have a built-in microphone. Note: be sure to disguise any sensitive project information as you don’t know who will be listening to your audio.  When in doubt, replace actual project details (company names, locations, etc.) with company x and location y. You can also write up sensitive examples on your own.  

Step 5: Visit www.fiverr.com where you can find people that will do a variety of writing tasks for about $5-20! Do a search for ‘transcribing’. Hire a freelancer with a high rating that can return your job in an acceptable timeline (5 days or less is good).   I’ve seen some people that will type out 35 minutes of your audio for $7. Amazing! Send them the template and your audio recording and ask them to fill out the project examples under the headings you have created. 

This guy takes his Experience Record serious! Photo Credit: faith goble via Compfight cc

This guy takes his Experience Record serious!
Photo Credit: faith goble via Compfight cc

Even if you work a full-time job or have limited disposable income, you can move much closer to a completed Experience Record by leveraging technology and the efforts of others. 

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