Experience Record – Ontario – day 5

Five Days to Ontario Experience Record Success
- with Gavin Simone, P.Eng. - Day 5

Leverage These Small Changes to Transform Your Experience Record Submission

A couple of months ago, an aspiring engineering came to this website and purchased a 2-hour draft Experience Record review.  Let’s call him Yannick (not his real name).  Yannick didn’t have the education that you have from reading this mini-course, nor did he take my Rapid Submission Course.

Like everyone who visits this site, Yannick has no experience writing experience records.

It seemed he spent a couple of weeks writing down his experience without any disregard for PEO rules and recommendations found on its site.  He was like a skydiver jumping from a plane without checking if he has a  parachute.

During the review, I identified nearly a dozen issues with his draft.  The feedback he received likely saved his experience record from being vaporized by the reviewer.

Let’s take a look at one project example in his Experience Record:

A marathon experience record situation (way too long)
Yannick's Original Experience Record Project Example (modified to protect his employer and identity)

Can you spot some of the issues with the above 577 word example? Take a blank sheet of paper and write down as many issues as you can.

Great.  Now I’ll show you visually just six of these issues:

experience record issues identified

Here are all the issues I wrote down:

  • Issue 1 (red) – Plagiarized content
  • Issue 2 (blue) – We instead of I
  • Issue 3 (brackets) – Too long (577 words vs. 150-200 my recommended length)
  • Issue 4 (green) –  Acronyms not spelled out in full the first time used
  • Issue 5 (red) – Defining engineering concepts
  • Issue 6 – No clear use of WWHO formula.

So how did I help resolve these issues with Yannick?  That's simple - I clearly showed Yannick the issues so that he could quickly fix them.  Here are the improvement (which, coincidence enough are pretty much the opposites of the issues)

  • Improvement 1 – Removed plagiarized content
  • Improvement  2  - Rewrote this project example to focus on “I” instead of “we”
  • Improvement  3 – Paraphrased content to go from nearly 600 words down to 199.
  • Improvement  4 –  Acronyms  spelled out (in full) the first time used
  • Improvement 5 – Removed engineering definition
  • Improvement 6  –  Clear use of What, Why, How, Outcome (WWHO) formula


Let’s take a look at the revision.

A newly revised experience record situation

Much better.  An example that you can really sink your teeth into without getting too full or bloated.

Yannick had a lot of issues for just one project example.  Before working with Yannick I asked him how well written he thought his Experience Record was so far.  Yannick said, “not too bad”.

You see, Yannick is like a lot of aspiring engineers who don’t know what they don’t know.  Yannick isn’t trained to see the issues that a reviewer might catch and hold against him.  Perhaps you only were able to identify 1-3 issues with Yannick’s original example and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I just hope that this course isn’t the end of your Experience Record education.  There is more to learn from those who live and breathe this information.  If you don’t want to invest any more time with me, that’s fine there are other resources available to you: you can call the PEO with your questions; or ask your co-worker to review your record for errors, etc.

I wish you success with your Engineering Experience Record and future career as an engineer.  You now have some excellent basics to structure your record.

For those that would like to take their learning to next level, I invite you to try my continually updated Experience Record Rapid Submission Course.   I compiled all the information you'll ever need on this topic and arranged it in a 7-step course that clearly shows you how to submit your best record in 30 days.  Here is a video to explain the course a little better: 


Thank you again for joining me for this series and I hope to see you again on the site.


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Gavin Simone, P.Eng.

p.s.  don't forget to check out my Rapid Submission Course to help you submit your best Experience Record to PEO.

Gavin Simone - engineering education creator

Gavin Simone, P.Eng.  - creator of the Ontario Experience Record Rapid Submission Course

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