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3-hour draft PEO Experience Record Review Service

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Your draft needs a review... before it's reviewed (by PEO)

Who will review my draft?

It will be reviewed by someone in your field– Your draft will be assigned to one of our civil, electrical or mechanical P.Eng. consultants (with similar experience to yours).

What will the reviewer focus on?

Our reviewer will focus most of their time on the two most important sections: Application of Theory and Practical Experience. We'll also review your other 3 sections.

What will the reviewer catch?

He/she will catch errors, issues, and things that are unclear.  It's better if we ask these questions rather than PEO.

How long does it take?

Your review will take approximately 5 business days and you'll receive an email with a bulleted list of things you are in compliance with as well as a list of things that you should address before submission.

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Don't delay your application any longer.
Let our experienced team help you submit your best experience record.
Enjoy our 3-hour draft PEO Experience Record Review service at a discount price and get started right away:

3-hour Review

$297 $237+tax

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