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“I've Started My Experience Record … But How Do I Format It?  What If My Written English Isn't That Great?  Why Is This a Whole Lot Harder Than It Should Be?”

wer review service

Dear Aspiring Engineer, 

You've graduated with an engineering undergraduate degree, got a few years of work experience under your belt and maybe have written your Professional Practice Exam (PPE).  Now the next step: explaining to your Association in writing that you've had the right mix of experience at work. 

next step in licencing process
deserves a P.Eng. licence

For many people, it is difficult and unnatural to take your Resume/CV and turn it into an elaborate Experience Record.   Others find the challenge in properly explaining what they've done and why they've done it.   Everyone has the ability to submit a great Experience Record the first time and make the reviewer's job easy to say "YES, this is someone who deserves a P.Eng. licence now!"

.... Yet most people don't reach out for help and regret their decision when they receive notice that their application was denied or the need to write the 6-hour Fundamental Of Engineering (FE) Exam.   

3 items that may prevent you from obtaining your licence are:

  • the lack of relevant experience 
  • where you were educated (in Canada or abroad); and
  • the quality of your experience record
3 engineering licencing hurdles
Work Experience Record frustrations

Regrettably, engineering Association's in Canada do not review final draft records to show you what looks good and what does not.   Fortunately, we are independent of all Associations so we are here to help YOU with this process.  

You probably don't find the application process all that fun;  I, however, enjoy helping aspiring engineers with their applications - showing you what to do and how to do it. 

You're probably still reading this because of one of the following reasons:

  • you're having trouble starting your Experience Record;
  • you're having trouble finishing your Experience Record;
  • you have better things to do than work on it (e.g. full-time job, enjoying your weekends)
how to finish your Work Experience Record in Canada

To accommodate the varying needs of aspiring engineers, we're now happy to provide you with two options  to accommodate any need or budget:

Experience Record Guideline Review 

Think you're ready to submit? 
Everyone that is ready or nearly ready to submit.  It's recommended you have a second set of eyes to catch issues and identify areas for improvement before your reviewer does.   

What you will receive: 
Our consultant in a similar discipline/steam as you will dedicate 2 hours to reviewing and providing actionable feedback to you on your write up.  You will receive a detailed email with a list of items that you are in compliance with and a list of specific things that need work. 

What if my draft needs a lot of work?
If your draft is in good shape we will begin your review once you send it over.  However, if your draft is not close to what we consider "submission-ready", we will give you some pointers about how you can improve it before we start our review.   

2-hour review - $275

Don't put off your next promotion or raise;
Order now and have your Experience Record submitted and approved sooner!

Who is behind the Experience Record Services? 

gavin course creator

My name is Gavin and I've created the Experience Record Review Service to help aspiring professional engineers answer the questions: Does what I'm writing make sense?  and Where can I make improvements to my Record? 

When preparing my own Experience Record some time ago, I was overwhelmed with all of the information and concerned that I was leaving something out.   Working full-time, I also had little time to dedicate to this process and delayed obtaining my P.Eng.  by a number of months.   I hope that you'll take the opportunity to try the above service so that you can obtain your professional designation as soon as possible.

I worked in the construction industry for 9 years and has been published in several magazines including Construction Canada Magazine.  In 2012, I volunteered with Engineers Canada to help it develop a new system for reporting engineering work experience.  I am a P.Eng. in Alberta and you can connect with me through the contact page.  To stay informed about industry and engineering news, I invite you to sign up for my monthly newsletter

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