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NPPE Pop Quiz

Today, I would like you to try this NPPE quiz below.    It is short and covers 10 of 40 syllabus topics.   You can also use the timer below to add a little bit of pressure.

Go to a quiet room, turn off your cell phone and ensure that you have at least 14 minutes to write the quiz.  If you like, you can use the countdown timer below to help simulate the real exam time you would be given for 10 questions.

These questions are from a beginner to an advanced level only because I don't want you sweating too hard ... just yet.  Enjoy!

quiz image

Tip: After you write the quiz you will be able to view your results and the answers (with explanations) or you can review them as you go by using the 'check' button.  For any questions that you didn't understand, be sure the visit the recommended page numbers in the solution for further learning on the topic.

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