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About the PPE Total Prep Course for your OACETT PPE

Passing the Professional Practice Exam (PPE) is a necessary step to becoming certified as a technician or a technologist in Ontario.  Regrettably, OACETT does not release sample/old exams for practicing (as this would require a lot of extra work to come up with new questions after each release of old questions).  Luckily, we are independent of OACETT and have developed our own practice questions based on the exam curriculum. 


Most people studying for the PPE run into two main problems:

  • Lack of information and direction about how and where to begin studying.
  • Feeling pressured to sign up for a weekend long seminar when it is often more effective self-studying and learning at your own pace.


If either of the above points sounds familiar, then you may benefit from following the 6 steps that I developed to pass the PPE on my first try.  These same steps will help make your PPE experience a lot easier.

  • Step 1. Purchase the Study Manual from OACETT, which includes: OACETT Act, Bylaw 19, OACETT's Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct and IETO's Terms of Reference. 


  • Step 2. Review key definitions on flashcards and practice them until the concepts are clear to you. The PPE Total Prep Course provides you with access to embedded flashcards to practice the key definitions, as well as textbook page references for additional information. 


  • Step 3. Read and understand the above-mentioned study materials.


  • Step 4. Re-review definitions and flashcard website studied in Step 2.

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  • Step 5. Practice answering sample exam questions provided in the course. Compare your answers with those provided.


  • Step 6. Write the 3-hour exam. 

PPE Total Prep Online Course is a step-by-step study method that is available immediately following payment. It comes complete with:

  • A step-by-step study process and checklist
  • Access to a flashcard website to speed up definition comprehension
  • Videos to help you learn the syllabus and scope topics
  • Up to 212 practice exams questions with full solutions and some case study questions too
  • A list of exam writing tips and
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you don't pass the PPE on your next try.
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Cheat sheet, study checklist & embedded flashcards


Updated Continuously

Video lessons for each syllabus topic

# Practice Questions (includes cases)


Length of Access




Online Course

212 (with full solutions)

7 months





Online Course

140 (with full solutions)

5 months




Online Course

70 (with full solutions)

3 months

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Instructor - Who is behind the PPE "Total Prep" Online Course for the OACETT PPE?

gavin course creator

Gavin Simone, P.Eng.

My name is Gavin and I've created the PPE Total Prep Course for your OACETT PPE to help aspiring C.E.T. and C.Tech. applicants answer the questions: Where do I start studying? and Am I ready for this exam?  In this comprehensive course, I've laid out a proven study method created to take you step-by-step to your passing grade. I have included all the education, tools and practice you will need to be successful and nothing you don't need.
By giving exam writers a lot of practice doing mock exams, which aims to mimic the exam format and difficulty, students of this course are able to easily identify and correct any areas of weakness.

Recognizing that about 1/3 of exam writers were not born in Canada and may speak English as a second language, I've intentionally made this course easy to understand and follow.

I worked in the construction industry for 8 years and have been published in several magazines, including Construction Canada Magazine. In 2012, I volunteered with Engineers Canada to help it develop a new system for reporting engineering work experience. I am a P.Eng. in Alberta and you can connect with me through our contact page.