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COVID-19 Update: The March 28, 2020 exam sitting has been cancelled by PEO due to the virus.  But, they have just adopted the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE) which you can write from home in June.  For more information, please head over to our NPPE Total Prep Course page.  

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PEO PPE Total Prep Online Course

Your step-by-step learning companion with an abundance of practice and full solutions 

Next Professional Practice Exam (PPE) in Ontario: August 8, 2020.


$199, $149 or $99

Format:      On-demand online step-by-step course

Skill level:  All levels

Language:  English


  • 5 to 7 months of access
  • Pass Guarantee or 100% refund
  • Unlimited attempts of practice questions
  • Up to 4 full exams with my full solutions
  • And much more

About the Ontario PPE Total Prep Course

The PPE is not your typical engineering exam - no formulas, no equations, no calculator. Instead, it relies on your written English skills and knowledge of Law and Ethics. Yikes!


Dear Aspiring Engineer,

Perhaps in university, you could have studied for a weekend and passed a technical mid-term or final exam relying on a few equations and formulas.  

The Professional Practice Exam (PPE) is different in that it tests your ability to respond to long and short answer questions. Your success lies in dedicating your study time to learning the different types of Law and Ethics questions, including how to answer them; and getting comfortable practising sample questions.

There are two different types of people that visit this site:

Type 1 Person
Mindset: I learn the hard way by figuring everything out on my own.  
Study approach: Reads over thousands of pages of study material, learns hundreds of definitions and tries a couple of sample exams.

Results: Low confidence in the exam room; higher chance of re-writing. 

stressful exam prep

Type 2 Person
Mindset: I'm teachable and eager to learn the easiest way. 
Study approach: Follows a step-by-step course, which allows one to learn a proven study method specific to the PEO PPE.  

Results: Higher exam confidence and greater potential success rate.

If you have a Type 2 Person mindset, then I invite you to keep reading to learn how my course may help you pass this exam.  
zen ppe preparation

Passing the PPE is a necessary step to becoming a P.Eng. in Ontario.  Regrettably, PEO does not release old exams with solutions. Luckily, we are independent of PEO and we have developed our own sample questions and solutions based on the exam scope and syllabus.  

Most people studying for the PPE run into two main problems:

  • Lack of information and direction about how and where to begin studying.
  • Feeling pressured to sign up for a weekend long seminar when an efficient self-study method will suffice. 

If either of the above points sound familiar, then you may benefit from following the 6 steps that I developed to pass the PPE on my first try.  These same steps will help make your PPE experience a lot easier.

Step 1. Purchase both textbooks - Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience: Practice and Ethics (5th or 6th edition), AND Law for Professional Engineers, Canadian and Global Insights (4th or 5th edition). Yes, you really need them.

PPE Ontario textbooks

Step 2. Review key definitions on flashcards and practice them until the concepts are clear to you. PPE Total Prep Course provides you with access to embedded flashcards, so you may practice all of the key definitions as well as textbook page references for additional information. 

Step 3. Read the key sections and pages in the Law & Ethics textbooks. All of which is laid out for you in the PPE Total Prep Course.

studying for PEO PPE

Step 4. Re-review the definitions and flashcard website studied in Step 2. 

Step 5. Practice answering sample exam questions provided in the course. Compare your solutions with those provided in the PPE Total Prep Course. 

peo ppe exam sample questions
Step 6. Write the 3-hour exam. Wait 8-10 weeks for your passing letter in the mail.


PPE Total Prep Course comes complete with: 

  • Access to our flashcard generator to speed up definition comprehension. Complete with over 80 'need to know' terms. 
  • Detailed explanation on how to answer short & long answer questions.  
  • Up to 4 practice exams with full solutions containing our explanation. 
  • Video lessons on the exam overview and short & long answers  (Advanced & Pro version only)
  • Detailed guidance on how to handle Part A: Ethics & Part B: Law questions.
  • What to expect in the exam room, what you can bring in, and what you will be given.
  • Continuously updated content.
  • 100% money back guarantee if you don't pass the PPE on your first try. 


Attending an in-person training seminar from another company will cost $225, $250, $370, or $399 (plus food and travel cost). And they don't even have a money-back pass guarantee. We've priced our course at about 30% of that cost to save you money and to allow you the flexibility of studying at your own pace. We're happy to offer you three options for any budget:

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Cheat sheet, study checklist & embedded flashcards


Updated Continuously

Tutorials for short/long questions

Full practice exams with solutions


Length of Access





Online Course


7 months

• ​Links to key PPE resources

• List of top employers that hire aspiring engineering





Online Course


6 months

• ​Links to key PPE resources

• List of top employers that hire aspiring engineering





Online Course


5 months

• ​Links to key PPE resources


Note: Get started right away! Following checkout, you'll get instant access to your course, even at 2 a.m. in the morning. 

Reviews for the PPE Total Prep Course

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Ontario PPE Total Prep Course - Creator 

gavin course creator

My name is Gavin and I've created the Ontario PPE Total Prep Course to help aspiring professional engineers answer the questions: Where do I start studying? and Am I ready for this exam?  In this course, I've laid out the study method that I created to pass my professional practice exam when I wrote it a couple of years back in Ontario. I continually collaborate and listen to recent exam writers who graciously provide feedback which enables me to constantly make this course the best it can be.
By giving exam writers lots of practice doing mock exams that mimic the exam format and difficulty, students of this product are able to easily identify any areas where they need to focus more study effort.

I worked in the construction industry for 9 years and have been published in several magazines, including Construction Canada Magazine. Now, I devote 100% of my time to helping aspiring engineers become licensed. In 2012, I volunteered with Engineers Canada to help it and PEO develop a new system for reporting engineering work experience. I am a P.Eng. in Alberta and you can connect with me through the contact page.


Don't delay, time is running out!

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