SK PPE Pop Quiz

SK PPE Pop Quiz

Today, I would like you to try this quiz.  The purpose is to help you with your APEGS Professional Practice Exam (PPE).  It is a short quiz, just 6 questions, but it is a timed exam to put you under just a little bit of pressure.  

Go to a quiet room, turn off your cell phone and set aside 25 minutes to write the quiz. 

These questions are from a beginner to an advanced level only because I didn't want you sweating too hard.  Enjoy!

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1. Fernando is a P.Eng. that has worked for a number of years as a software programmer. Because of this experience he is promoted to management. Fernando uses lots of instruction to establish authority over the relatively young programmers who he believes dislike work, thus they need to be closely monitored. Fernando’s style of management could be BEST described as Authoritarian.


2. The five elements of an enforceable contract are: an offer made and accepted, mutual intent, consideration, capacity and a clause for cancellation.


3. APEGS issues Certificates of Authorization. Who or what is eligible to receive one? Why it is necessary to obtain one?

4. Briefly explain (at a high level) a contract situation that could involves liquidated damages.

5. Sometimes an owner will issue a letter of intent to a contractor as a way of accepting their tender and approving the start of construction activity. Which of the following is FALSE statement about a letter of intent?


6. Construction management is a type of project delivery method where an owner contracts directly with the trades instead of using a general contractor. A construction manager is then hired to manage the trades. One advantage of this method is that:


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Tip: After you write the quiz you will be able to view your results and the answers (with explanations).  For any questions that you didn't understand, be sure the visit the recommended page numbers in my solution for further learning of the topic.  You will need the 5th or 6th edition Ethics textbook and the 2nd or 3rd edition Law textbook. 

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