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Format:  The mock interview is conducted through a computer-to-computer video call

Your interviewer: A P.Eng. (or similar) with education and engineering experience similar to your engineering stream.

Breakdown of the 3-hour process:

  • 1 hour - Your interviewer will review your work samples and add comments.
  • 1 hour - A mock-interview video call will allow you to present two work samples and answer technical questions.
  • 1 hour - The following business day, you'll receive the work sample and interview feedback by email.

Let's be honest.  Your interview is about more than your engineering experience.  It's about you standing in front of 3 strangers and being comfortable enough to answer technical questions about your work samples for up to 60 minutes.  Simply coming up with two work samples is not enough. 

If you are serious about doing your best at the interview, you need to become comfortable discussing and defending your experience to complete strangers. 

The PEO ERC interview exists to answer the question, will your presentation skills and engineering experience convince PEO that you have applied enough academic knowledge in an engineering context?

The stakes are pretty high.  Do well–you'll move to your next licensing step or you'll receive your licence (depending on where you are in the process).  Do poorly–you'll need to gain more experience and/or write technical exams; both of which costs you time, money and slows your career to a grinding halt.

At Practice PPE Exams, we believe that your presentation skills shouldn’t prevent you from articulating your experience and passing the interview.

We've carefully developed a mock-interview roadmap that we have used for other ERC interviewees to help them prepare for the exam:

  • Step 1: Book your mock interview today.
  • Step 2: Tell us your engineering discipline/stream and work experience so we can pair you up with the correct P.Eng. staff.
  • Step 3: Attend the mock interview to present your 2 designs and answer technical questions about them.
  • Step 4: Receive valuable feedback within 24 hours. 
  • Step 5: Review the feedback, make any final tweaks to your presentation.  Feel confident and well prepared.  

About the Mock Interview

Here are a few notes about your mock interview:

  • It's designed to simulate the experience to make your more comfortable in the real interview.
  • We use just one P.Eng. interviewer since two would be twice the price and isn't needed for a mock interview.
  • It's conducted over Appear.In which is like Skype but without the need to log in to any account.  All you need is a computer with a built-in mic and webcam.
  • We'll match you up with a qualified person (P.Eng. or similar) in your field to ensure your feedback is technical and helpful.
  • We have expert consultants that can help with a variety of streams under the following disciplines: civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical and biomedical.
  • If you place your order and your background is in a very specific area where we don't have a consultant, we'll contact you to let you know and provide you with a prompt refund.
  • We care about you receiving your licence–we'll take the time to review your work samples, attend the interview, ask you challenging questions and provide you with actionable feedback so you can drastically increase your chances of passing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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