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Email Instructions & Script  (please edit to suit your company details)


  1. Create a new email to the person at your company in charge of professional development, which might be someone from HR.  (Make sure to Bcc: [email protected] OR send me a copy of your email - that will let me know to upgrade your course access).
  2. In the email, include the following - (script below to help to as well):
    1.  Your experience with the NPPE or PPE 'Total Prep' Course. (has it saved you time, energy or given you more confidence?) 
    2. Also, suggest that it would be great if the NPPE/PPE & Experience Record Courses were mandatory learning for all aspiring engineers/geoscientists at your company (we have courses for nearly every province in Canada). 
    3. Lastly, let them know that they can contact Gavin Simone at [email protected] for a free demonstration.
  3. Once I see your email your access will be upgraded within 1 business day.  Thank you! 
Email Instructions & Script


Script (please edit to suit your company and situation):

To:  (your Professional Development or Human Resources (HR) representative in charge of Professional Development)
Bcc: [email protected]

Subject: Engineering Course Recommendation for Professional Development Plan

Dear  _____,

As you may know, I'm in the process of becoming a Professional Engineer.  One of the steps I'm going through is writing the Professional Practice Exam (PPE).  A couple of weeks ago I purchased the PPE Total Prep Course from to help me through it.  The course is really helpful because it comes with cheat sheets, checklists, video tutorials and an exam simulator.   What I like most is that it is step-by-step so my study energy is used wisely.

In addition to the PPE course the company also offers courses and services to help with the work Experience Record submission which is another licencing hurdle.

Rather than have all aspiring engineers at our company self-study and risk failing, I wanted to recommend that we consider obtaining corporate access to these courses and make it a mandatory step for all aspiring engineers in their learning paths.

If you are able to consider this, the site owner Gavin Simone, P.Eng. ([email protected]) is happy to offers free demonstrations to show you inside the courses and to discuss how it can be integrated into our development plan.  He can also provide our company with a discount code for individual or group access.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


(your name)

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