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Next Technical Exam Sitting: May 11-15 December 7-11, 2020

Since the May 2020 exam has been cancelled, this is a predicted date for the December exams. Another exam period may be added in between, depending on the progress of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Update: Technical exams scheduled from May 11-15 have been cancelled at all locations in Canada and overseas due to COVID-19. You can see the original info on PEO website (who established the exams for all regions in Canada).
In the meantime, if you're able to channel all this excess energy from social distancing into studying, we would be happy to help you with this process. Since our technical exam help gives you access for 12 months, you'll be covered for the December sitting and any additional sittings added in between (if applicable). We'll also provide you with a free extension if the December sitting has to be cancelled too.  Contact us with any questions.

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Exam Basics

About: The Hydraulic Engineering exam is written nationally for civil/structural engineers.  The code for this exam is:

  • Civil - 16-Civ-A5 (or you may see it like 98-Civ-A5, YY-Civ-A5, Civ-A5 or something similar)
  • Structural - 07-Str-B11 (or you may see it like YY-Str-B11, Str-B11 or something similar)
  • 07-Str-B11

Format: 3-hour long, closed book exam. You are required to complete any five of the six exam questions for full marks.

Dates written: The exam is offered twice a year in the months of May and December.

Approved aids: Since the course is highly computational, any non-communicating calculator is permitted.

Your Reviewer & Technical Support Helper

M. Saeid Ahadi, Civil, Msc - Hydraulic Engineering exam solutions reviewer

Saeid is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen's University, where his doctoral research investigates the interaction of hyporheic and surface flows associated with bars in gravel streams. For this purpose, he has built several physical models in a sediment transport flume and has used various instruments such as Nortek VECTRINO II, ADV, and LaserScaner. Also, he has been teaching assistant for many courses such as Hydraulics I, Hydraulics II, and Municipal Hydraulics as well as River Engineering. He holds a master's degree in Hydraulic Structure from AmirKabir University of Technology, Iran.

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