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About: The engineering in society-health and safety exam is written nationally for aspiring civil, electrical, mechanical engineers and a few other disciplines.  The code for this exam is:

  • 11-CS-2 (or you may see it like YY-CS-2, CS-2)

The exam tests candidate’s understanding and knowledge of engineering in society-health and safety.

Format: 3-hour long, closed book exam. From the questions that are asked in the exam, only five need to be attempted.

Dates written: The exam is offered twice every year in the months of May and December.

Approved aids: While you may not need it for this exam, an approved Sharp or Casio calculator is permitted.

The recommended textbook for this exam is:

Web Resources

  • Key words: health and safety, public safety, engineering ethics


  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE)
  • Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)
  • Health Canada
  • National Academy of Engineering Center for Engineering, Ethics and Society

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