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Gavin Simone, P.Eng., PMP, LEED AP

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17 thoughts on “Engineering Newsletter – July 2020”

  1. This month’s question: When humans start populating Mars, what will be one engineering challenge that they face that is not present on Earth?  

  2. Excessive radiation out in the space is a big engineering challenge because significant personal protective shielding is required to keep people survive on Mars.

  3. While it is possible to secure water on Mars, dealing with the toxic atmosphere (always having to wear a spacesuit), adjusting to a different gravitational force (changes in muscle mass and strength), and preparing physically for the flight to and from Mars, all seem extraordinarily challenging (but not impossible ;)).

  4. The mental health of these folks exploring the new frontier. Lack of physical proximity to family and loved ones back home. Delayed communication back to earth.

  5. To develop a portable, lightweight & very efficient for a long run Oxygen Cylinder!
    5 mins without oxygen and you are done!

  6. Low gravitational acceleration at mars would be the major challenge humans face when they start populating.

  7. The logistics of sending all the materials needed to build a base and maintain it with a 3 year delivery time.

  8. Designing an efficient way to produce water to sustain human life, which includes providing enough water for “space agriculture”

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