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Our NPPE Exam on-demand training allows you to study efficiently and become licensed sooner to advance your career. 

  • Kept updated for the online format
  • Follow 35 step-by-step lessons
    (15 to 60 minutes each)
  • Textbooks are optional
  • Start for free. Upgrade later for $130+
    Pay how you want. Credit card; PayPal; Google Pay; or 4 interest-free payments
  • Up to 500 challenging practice questions
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Our course is perfect for applicants of PEO, EGBC, APEGA, APEGS, ASET (P.Tech. only), EGM, Engineers Geoscientists New Brunswick, Engineers Nova Scotia, Engineers PEI, Engineers Yukon, Geoscientists Nova Scotia, PEGNL, PGO, and NAPEG.

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While some video testimonials reference short total study times (e.g. 1 week), we recommend more time if you have it.  For more on suggested study times, please see "How long does it take to go through the course?" in the FAQs section below. 

Next National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE Exam)

January 22-24, 2024

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What makes our NPPE course different? 

Canada’s favourite self-study companion for this exam breaks down the law, ethics and professional practice material into engaging lessons.  Using modern navigation, you'll be able to keep track of your progress and feel your knowledge grow.  Then, test your knowledge with up to 500 practice questions.

This NPPE course has been designed for:

Those writing the 110 multiple choice question format:  PEO, EGBC, APEGA, APEGS, ASET (P.Tech. only), EGM, Engineers Geoscientists New Brunswick, Engineers Nova Scotia, Engineers PEI, Engineers Yukon, Geoscientists Nova Scotia, PEGNL, PGO, and NAPEG.


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Your Roadmap to NPPE Practice Exam Success

NPPE practice exam course lesson

Register for the exam & order this course

After you register for the exam, download the supplemental material from your Association. Order the law & ethics textbooks (optional) and sign up for this NPPE exam course.

We guide you all the way

After completing the free Step 1 lessons on the topic of I. Professionalism, upgrade to unlock the rest of the course.  Follow the rest of the 35 lessons at your own pace to develop your knowledge.  Watch the presentations, review the mind maps, study the flashcards, learn from the question/answer videos—then test your knowledge on advancing to the next step quizzes.

NPPE practice exam mind maps
NPPE exam - practice Pool of questions

You're ready to practice 500 questions

As you go through the lessons, you can practice up to 500 questions in one of our paid plans.  Try the questions after each group of syllabus lessons or at the end of all the lessons.  Remember to break in between each practice quiz to let yourself review incorrect answers and make notes.

2024 Packages

Select 200 or 500 practice questions, then your exam date. 

Every option comes with the course features (below the pricing table). 

200 Questions
500 Questions
January 22-24, 2024
(exam sitting)

$185 CAD+tax

  • Access now thru January 25, 2024
  • All course features
April 8-10, 2024
(exam sitting)

$205 CAD+tax

  • Access now thru April 11, 2024
  • All course features
June 3-5, 2024
(exam sitting)

$225 CAD+tax

  • Access now thru June 6, 2024
  • All course features

Course features

  • Lesson Highlight:
    • - 35 lessons to build your knowledge (15 to 60 minutes each)
    • - Over 4 hours of video lessons cover every syllabus topic
    • - Study checklist, suggested study plans & flashcards
    • - Syllabus Video FAQs (for each topic)
    • - Quizzes between steps to ensure learning
  • Even at 2 a.m. in the morning.
    Instant access following payment
  • Our course is self-paced allowing you access 24/7 from any device with an internet connection.
    Self-Paced Online Course - Study at your own pace from anywhere
  • Unlimited attempts of practice questions
  • We’ll get back to your questions on
    the same or next business day.
    Fast and unlimited support by email or our toll-free phone number
  • Updated quarterly to reflect the current syllabus, online and MCQ format
  • Can't pay in full today? No problem! Our payment partner Afterpay allow you to pay in 4 interest-free instalments.
    Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options available. In addition to credit card and PayPal, we offer BNPL.
  • Pass guarantee or 100% refund + an extra $100

Course Development and Support Team

Most NPPE practice exam providers are created and supported by one person. We believe it takes a small team with different skills and experiences to adequately cover the law, ethics, and professional practice topics.  This experience allows us to create more engaging lessons and relevant practice questions.

Gavin - engineering licence course creator

Gavin Simone, P.Eng. (AB), LEED AP

Founder and your Virtual Mentor 

Gavin has been helping aspiring engineers with licensing steps since 2012.  This experience has made him an expert on the Regulation of Members & Discipline Processes (syllabus topic VI).  Combining ten years of experience in construction project management with an additional ten years of e-learning development for engineers, Gavin has dedicated the last decade to making this NPPE Exam course stand out in the marketplace.

Markie law nppe consultant

Markie Martorano, B.A. (Hons)

Law Consultant

Markie holds an Honours bachelor's degree in humanities specializing in justice, political philosophy, and law, with a minor in peace studies. Markie adeptly integrates her knowledge into the Practice PPE Exam material by applying her comprehensive undergraduate expertise. Her commitment to bridging theory and practical application showcases a nuanced understanding of the subjects, underscoring her dedication to clients' success in undertaking any of the licensing exams. Her areas of focus are ethics (syllabus topic II), law for professional practice (topic IV), and professional law (topic V).


Saju J. Sam, P. Eng. (MB), PMP, IntPE (Canada)

Ethics Consultant

Saju is a professional engineer well-experienced in applying the code of ethics in professional practice. He has 13 years of experience in performing engineering in various industries and is experienced with the legalities related to engineering and applying professional due diligence. His interests are using standards and the code of ethics to ensure public safety.

Joydeep Banerjee

Joydeep Banerjee, P.Eng. (ONT), PhD

Professional Practice Consultant

Joydeep is a mechanical engineer that is an expert on model-based technologies.  With a PhD from the University of Waterloo, he brings years of teaching experience along with industry experience in model-based engineering and digital thread applications. Currently working for a multinational aerospace contractor, Joydeep has profound experience in professional practice—particularly in risk and quality management, use of software, computers and internet-based tools and related liability issues.


Afonso Pacheco


Being the webmaster for Practice PPE Exams for 7 years, Afonso brings a wealth of experience delivering e-learning content.  He has been instrumental in making the course lessons load quickly, implementing modern navigation, closed captions for videos and an exam-like quiz experience.

Act fast, only

days remain

If the exam seems far away, don't let that hold you back.  The syllabus contains 6 main topics (I to VI), 40 minor topics (I.1 to VI.4), and about 250 micro topics.  That's a lot to learn!

Plus, things will come up later (e.g. family/work commitments), reducing future study time.  Be proactive and get started now!


Questions? Answered!

Here's What You'll Learn

With the NPPE Total Prep Course, our course steps follow the syllabus topics.  So, you'll never get lost and can easily navigate your way around.  Since syllabus topics II, III and IV are larger and worth about 70% of your exam marks, you'll naturally spend more time on these steps (e.g. longer videos, more flashcards). 


In Step 0, we'll:

  • Show you around the course
  • Make sure you have registered with your association for an NPPE Exam sitting
  • Have you download our course checklist and use a suggested study plan
  • Give you links to download the free recommended reading material

In Step 1, you’ll learn:

  • All about syllabus topic I. Professionalism 
  • All sub-topics I.1 to I.4 
  • In this step (and steps 2-6), we'll teach you the syllabus information using a presentation, mindmap, flashcards and an advancing to the next step quiz
  • The differences between engineering and geoscience and their roles/scopes
  • Defining elements of a professional and their value to society (and more)

In Step 2, discover:

  • All about syllabus topic II. Ethics  
  • Using the same tools (e.g. presentations, mindmaps), we'll cover sub-topics II.1 to II.4 
  • How to distinguish between ethical theories
  • Professional obligations and dilemmas as they related to ethics
  • Where ethics come from and how they are different from laws
  • When to use the code of ethics and the core tenets (and more)

In Step 3, we'll dive into:

  • Syllabus topic III. Professional Practice
  • All 10 subtopics (III.1 through III.10)
  • Workplace issues, responsibilities and dealing with other project contributors
  • Syllabus topics that aren't discussed online or in the books (e.g. finality)
  • Managing risk, environmental stewardship and using software
  • Sealing and controlling professional work products (and more)

In Step 4, we'll teach you:

  • Syllabus topic IV. Law for Professional Practice
  • All 14 subtopics (IV.1 to IV.14)
  • How laws are created and the different types
  • Where and when contract, tort and civil law are used
  • Laws and other specifics that impact businesses and employment (e.g. unions, human rights)
  • Specific remedies to help resolve disputes or help the court understand key information
  • Laws that apply nationally and internationally (and more)

In Step 5, you'll master:

  • Syllabus topic V. Professional Law
  • All 4 subtopics (V.1 through V.4)
  • Self-regulation and how the acts/regulations/bylaws govern member and association action
  • The requirement for becoming licensed
  • Penalties for non-members who pretend to be licensed
  • The role of technical societies (and more)

In Step 6, we’ll help you understand:

  • Syllabus topic VI. Regulation of Members & Discipline Processes
  • All 4 subtopics (VI.1 to VI.4)
  • The ways members can become disciplined and potential penalties
  • Why members or firms might undergo a practice review and what that means
  • Professional development requirements and where it is mandatory vs. recommended (and more) 

And in Step 7, you’ll:

  • Test your knowledge with practice questions to reinforce what you've learned and identify gaps.
  • If you ordered 200 questions, try them in 15 or 25-question random sets or the entire pool.
  • For those ordering 500 questions, try them in:
    • 15 or 25-question random sets
    • Defined set(s) of 25, 50, 100 or 500
    • Sorted by the six syllabus topics

We've made the choice easy.

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