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Our CPD Companion organizes hand-picked professional development courses into easy-to-see groups, allowing simple licence maintenance. 

  • Updated twice a year (April & October)
  • Courses organized logically into groups
    Groups are: Ethics, Regulatory, Technical, Communications & Leadership
  • Covers ways to earn hours beyond courses.
    Such as reading technical journals, and volunteering opportunities
  • Over 150 free courses
  • Over 500 hand-picked courses available for purchase
  • Technical course recommendations for nearly all engineering disciplines
  • Course approval guaranteed

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CPD course options

This CPD Companion has been designed for:

Those required to earn professional development hours are looking for English courses.  Our course recommendations will work for all of these associations: PEO, EGBC, APEGA, APEGS, ASET, EGM, Engineers Geoscientists New Brunswick, Engineers Nova Scotia, Engineers PEI, Engineers Yukon, Geoscientists Nova Scotia, PEGNL, OIQ, PGO, and NAPEG.


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Your Roadmap to CPD Success

CPD companion

Start the CPD Companion and get familiar with professional development topics

Determine where you would like to grow this year.  Then investigate the courses we have laid out for you to start for free or order.

We guide you all the way

Take the courses you want to get the hours you need. Most are followed by a quiz.  Following the quiz, you'll get a certificate that you can download and print for proof of completion.

CPD companion
CPD companion

Repeat with more courses or other activities

In addition to course recommendations, we provide specific suggestions on getting hours elsewhere (e.g., reading technical journals and volunteering). With updates to the CPD Companion happening twice a year (April and October), you'll always have fresh courses to explore and learn from.

Here's What You'll Have

The CPD Companion will save you time from searching the internet for great courses.  We've organized the courses into 4 categories that any association would be happy to approve CPD hours in. Simply pick a course and get started learning!

Below is additional information about the sections and how they let you find the right courses you need. 


In Section 0, we'll:

  • Show you around the course.
  • Explain where to find the different course recommendations. 
  • Help you understand which courses are free, paid and how many hours credit you can expect for each one. 

Section 1: Ethics Courses

Yes, the ethics topic is something you can't leave behind with the NPPE.  It's like a shadow and follows you for your entire career. Engineers need to take ethical professional development courses to stay updated on evolving industry standards, maintain ethical awareness, and promote public trust in the profession.


Inside, you'll see our ethical course recommendations that we've categorized under these sub-topics:

  • Reviewing published disciplinary actions
  • Reviewing engineering/geoscience failures
  • Ethical practice learning
  • Seminars on Indigenous engagement and reconciliation
  • Review your Association's Code of Ethics guide & relevant resources

Section 2: Regulatory Learning

As part of a regulated group of professionals, we must abide by the codes, standards and by-laws of our association. These courses provide the necessary knowledge and updates on regulations, helping engineers uphold professional standards and ensure the safety and well-being of the public.


We've put our regulatory course recommendations into the following categories: 

  • Regulatory Reading or Modules
  • Quality management seminars and webinars
  • Reading and/or writing articles in technical or regulatory publications regarding changes in regulations, codes, standards, and guidelines
  • Taking the courses to become an ISO 9001-certified auditor

Section 3: Technical Learning

Technical learning professional development courses are essential for engineers to stay up-to-date with advancements in their field, meet regulatory requirements, and expand their professional networks. These courses ensure engineers maintain their professional competence and unlock broader career opportunities.

We have categorized our recommended technical courses into the following groups:
  • Technical courses or seminars
  • Pursuing related certificates or designations
  • Technical sales seminars, product demonstrations
  • Reading technical journals
  • Volunteering with technical or professional organizations/associations
  • Volunteering (with your Association) on a practice-related committee

Section 4: Communications and Leadership Learning

Engineers must take communications and leadership courses to improve their ability to communicate technical concepts, collaborate with teams, and lead projects effectively. These courses enhance their skills in bridging technical expertise with effective interpersonal interactions, fostering professional success.


Our course recommendations are grouped in the following sections: 

  • Project management
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Financial management
  • Client management
  • Time/Schedule management
  • Budgeting
  • Consulting/business skills
  • Team management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stakeholder consultation

When you start the CPD Companion, we'll add

Two Bonuses

course insurance_v2Bonus #1: Association Approval Assurance ($100 value)

If you take any course recommended in our CPD Companion and your association doesn't accept the CPD hour(s), we'll pay you for the value of the course, up to a hundred dollars. 

Lobbying Leadership for Learning Letter_v2


Bonus #2: Lobbying Leadership Letter ($10 value)

Use our email template to potentially convince your boss to reimburse you for the CPD Companion by highlighting the corporate benefits of getting licenced.

A Great Value for Licensed Engineers

An engineer searching the internet for the right CPD courses adds up to nearly $1000 in lost productivity. 

We've done this research to allow you to meet your association's requirements while learning from top-notch material. We charge a nominal yearly fee to allow our team to support you and update the recommended courses twice a year. 

In addition, we organized all the courses into easy-to-navigate groups. Simply pick a major topic, drill down to a finer topic and begin a free course or order a paid course from the list.

What’s included:

  • Recommendations for 150+ free courses and 500+ courses available for purchase; ($199 value)
  • Courses are organized into easy-to-see groups for quick selection ($39 value)
  • Unlimited and fast email support ($59 value)
  • Courses are updated twice a year (April and October)
  • Bonus #1: Association Approval Assurance ($100 value)
  • Bonus #2: Lobbying Leadership Letter ($10 value)

Total value: $407

Yours for just...

payment types

We'll send you an email 1 week before renewal to check if you want to continue for the following year.

Support Team

When you have questions about maintaining your licence, contact us through the course for complimentary email support.  We're here to answer your questions about professional development courses.  Most of the team has to maintain our credentials, so we're a great resource for you.

Gavin - engineering licence course creator

Gavin Simone, P.Eng. (AB), LEED AP

Founder & Director of Learning

Gavin has been helping aspiring engineers with licensing steps since 2012. He's also passionate about helping engineers stay licensed. He combines ten years of experience in construction project management with an additional twelve years of e-learning development for engineers. Gavin has dedicated the last 12 years to making the process of getting and staying licensed easier for engineers.

Markie law nppe consultant

Markie Martorano, B.A. (Hons)

Law Consultant

Markie holds an Honours bachelor's degree in humanities specializing in justice, political philosophy, and law, with a minor in peace studies. She will focus on helping with CPD questions or if you need recommendations for courses on ethics or law relating to professional practice. 


Saju J. Sam, P. Eng. (MB), PMP, IntPE (Canada)

CPD Engineering Support

Saju is a professional engineer (electrical) and maintains his credentials with EGM. He has 14 years of experience performing engineering in various industries and is experienced with the legalities related to engineering and applying professional due diligence. His course interests are electrical engineering, leadership and conflict resolution.

Joydeep Banerjee

Joydeep Banerjee, P.Eng. (ONT), PhD

CPD Engineering Support

Joydeep is a mechanical engineer who is an expert on model-based technologies.  With a PhD from the University of Waterloo, he brings years of teaching experience and industry experience in model-based engineering and digital thread applications. Currently working for a multinational aerospace contractor, Joydeep enjoys taking CPD courses related to mechanical engineering, risk and quality management.


Afonso Pacheco

Business Integrator

Being the webmaster and business integrator for Practice PPE Exams for 8 years, Afonso brings a wealth of experience delivering e-learning content.  He'll be there if you have any issues inside the CPD Companion.

Questions? Answered!

You have lots of good reasons for staying licensed...

Keep your association happy and submit quality course hours.

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