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We're a little different than other staffing companies:

Since 2012, we've built a strong relationship with engineers as they have gone through the Canadian engineering licensing process.  We've maintained that close relationship to allow technical companies to find engineering talent fast. 

We can serve you coast to coast in Canada.

We've been helping engineers with the licensing process in Canada.  This gives us a deep database of candidates in all cities in Canada.  We keep in contact with 1,000s of engineers through our monthly newsletter. Find the best talent in your city or relocate them.

We only place licensed engineers or engineers in training.

No IT, admin or finance jobs and definitely no marketing positions. Just engineers.

Quicker results

Most staffing companies take weeks or months to find the right candidate. It takes us a matter of days since we look into our applicant pool or notify our newsletter readers of the vacant position.

Affordable placement fees

We've got with the times and ditched the expensive offices and trimmed the overhead. Typically, we don't need to spend money on ads since we already communicate with thousands of licensed and aspiring engineers on a monthly basis through our newsletter.

Staffed of engineers & HR professionals

For each position, we put one engineer (in a similar discipline/stream) and one HR professional to work.  This ensures that the candidates meet the skill requirements for the job, before being presented to you.  

Here's how we're going to fill your engineering vacancy

Step 1 - Fill out the form above.
We'll get back to you to discuss your hiring needs.
Step 2 - We'll create a compelling reach out message
And put it in front of 1,000s of engineers in Canada.
Step 3 -We'll handle the rest.
Pre-screening, presenting top candidates, arranging interviews, closing the candidate, presenting the offer, and providing you with a 6-month guarantee.

Who we place

We love helping engineers.  We've been helping them with licensing hurdles since 2012.  We also help them find exciting new career challenges with companies just like yours.  We help them find technical and managerial careers with a company where they can make a real difference.  Here is an approximate breakdown of the people we place:

  • Licensed Engineers
  • Engineers-in-training
  • Other - E.g. Engineering Technicians (C.Tech., C.E.T.)
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