Resources for Aspiring Engineers in Canada

P.Eng. resources for PPE, FE and Work Experience Record

I thought creating a resource page that you can always visit for your path to P.Eng. or P.Geo. needs might be useful. Here you will find access to some of my best tools and resources. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

The resources are organized into the sections below:

1. NPPE mini-course

Start our free NPPE mini-course to get all of our topic I. Professionalism lessons and practice questions.

2. CBA mini-course

Select your experience reporting submission path to get free help on understanding how to submit your best experience.

3. Technical Exam

If you're writing technical exams, you can access free past technical exams (questions only).  For solutions, please visit our technical exam page.  If you're writing the FE or PE exams, our partner can help with books, questions and courses.

4. CPD Hours

We've developed a CPD Companion to help you find the best free and paid professional development hours.  These recommendations will streamline your search and save time as you gain your mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) hours for your association.

5. LEED & PMP Course Recommendations

Two designations have helped me tremendously in my career. When I worked in the construction industry, my PMP and LEED AP designations helped me to:
  • Earn a much higher salary
  • Win more projects for my employer
  • Perform my job with more competency and
  • Receive more job offers and interest on LinkedIn

If either of these designations is common to your industry, you should consider one/both to take your career to the next level. Although I don't have my own courses on these topics, I'm happy to refer to the industry leaders who I turned to when I was preparing for my exams:

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