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Here is a partial list of our consultants:

Utkarsh Patel_crop

Utkarsh Patel, P.Eng.

Utkarsh Patel, MASc, P.Eng. is an experienced electrical engineer with specialization in power systems. He is working as an electrical engineer since last five years being electrical system owner and overseeing industrial power distribution systems. He holds P.Eng. in the Province of Ontario and is registered as a professional member of IEEE. He has published papers in IEEE journal and conferences.
Francisco Villa, P.Eng. expert interviewer

Francisco Villa, P.Eng.

Francisco Villa, P.Eng. is an Electronics Engineer with 9 years of professional experience. He has worked as a Systems & Process Control Engineer in the Oil/Gas and Mining industries in Canada and Chile, where he gained experience related to Instrumentation and Control Systems. He also has professional experience designing electronic devices by the use of analog/digital components.

Kirsten Arnason, (B.Eng.)

Kirsten completed her undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at The University of Calgary. During this time she worked for the physics and astronomy department doing computer programming related to acquisition and analysis of Auroral data recorded around northern Canada. She is returning to uCalgary to complete a Master's Degree doing research on the use of machine learning tools to gain insight into space weather data.

Akhtar Hossain, PhD

Akhtar Hossain obtained his PhD in civil engineering from Carleton University in 2006. He has over 25 years of practical experience in Civil Engineering with major emphasis in Transportation Engineering and Planning and structural engineering. He has led a variety of engineering projects with different levels of complexity. Dr Akhtar Hossain’s experiences include consulting, construction, and government sectors. He also actively involved in teaching in both undergraduate and graduate levels since he graduated in 1989. He is well known as a moderator in learning.

Tony Nguyen, B.Eng.

Tony Nguyen is an electrical engineering graduate of Carleton University. His final year was focused on hardware and he is currently employed as a hardware design engineer. His work experience involves the application of his university education towards board level design where he leads the electrical effort for a consumer product.

Abdulghader Abdulrahman, M.Eng.

Civil (environmental)
Abdulghader Abdulrahman is a PhD candidate in the department of civil and environmental engineering at Carleton University specialized in geotechnical and foundation engineering. Mr. Abdulrahman was awarded his master’s degree in 2014 from Carleton where his research evaluated the hydraulic performance of compacted clay liners under different exposure conditions in landfills environment. His PhD research focuses on assessing the performance of pile foundations in warming permafrost. Abdulrahman has published 10 peer-reviewed technical papers and was selected as the 2016 teaching assistant of the year for his department.
Grad Mousavi

Arshia Mousavi, Msc

Arshia Mousavi, Msc, works as civil and structural engineering researcher and assistant at Queen’s University and is currently active in diagnosis, analysis for e.g. punching shear and bonding behavior and retrofitting design of different types of structures such as fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) and reinforced concrete (RC) structures in ordinary, fire or severe conditions, in developing new testing setups. He has dedicated experience in civil and structural engineering. He has worked both in design and construction firms as well as laboratory.

M. Saeid Ahadi, Msc

Saeid is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen's University, where his doctoral research investigates the interaction of hyporheic and surface flows associated with bars in gravel streams. For this purpose, he has built several physical models in a sediment transport flume and has used various instruments such as Nortek VECTRINO II, ADV, and LaserScaner. Also, he has been teaching assistant for many courses such as Hydraulics I, Hydraulics II, and Municipal Hydraulics as well as River Engineering. He holds a master's degree in Hydraulic Structure from AmirKabir University of Technology, Iran.

Zak Mouslim, MASc(MEng), EIT

Basic Studies and Mechanical
Zak Mouslim is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate of the University of Ottawa (uOttawa). Since 2015, he has worked as a Mechanical Designer for uOttawa. During this time, he applied mechanical engineering principles in various projects such as Design of Turbines, Supercritical Loop, Smart Flap, Three-Wheel Hybrid Vehicle, etc. Also, a paper was published, by the journal International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, to support further R&D of the SCWR (Supercritical Cooled-Water Reactor) core system. He was a TA to the following courses but not limited to: Engineering Mechanics for Engineers, Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Strength of Materials, Heat Transfer, Machine Design, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, FEA, Aerodynamics, CFD, Dynamics of Machinery.