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Our consultants can review applicants in the following areas:

  • civil (structural, infrastructure, geotechnical, rail/transit)
  • mechanical (HVAC, fire protection, manufacturing)
  • electrical (power)
  • biomedical
  • chemical (process, mining, metallurgy, petroleum / oil & gas, extractive metallurgy)
  • computer - software

We offer two types of reviews:

2-hour review

  • The reviewer will add comments to the first 10 competencies (1.1 to 1.10).
  • Please allow 6 business days.
  • Price: C$299 + tax

3-hour review

  • The reviewer will add comments to the first 15 competencies (1.1 to 3.2).
  • Please allow 7 business days.
  • Price: C$450 + tax


Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us (or anyone else) to take your resume and turn it into a CBA.  

A resume is a 1 or 2-page document that summarizes your duties and accomplishments at a very high-level. 

A Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) goes deep into the details of specific situations at work.  For instance, competency 1.1 Regulation, Codes, and Standards ask you to demonstrate your knowledge of regulations, codes, standards, and safety.  This is not something that you would have in your resume and is one example of why you have to draft the CBA on your own with the help of our course.  

Luckily, our step-by-step CBA course will show you how to write your situations on your own before they are sent for review.  Reviewing the sample CBA in the course will help you to get lots of ideas about the length and detail you should aim for. 

Unfortunately, we require everyone to take the course to qualify for our review service. The course helps to ensure your draft meets a certain level of quality. It also allows our consultants to focus the feedback more on your engineering content and less on submission compliance.

Great question.  We can only add value to your draft if we have a consultant available in that discipline and stream.  The following are disciplines that we currently support: 

  • civil (structural, infrastructure, geotechnical)
  • mechanical (HVAC, fire protection, aerospace, mechatronics)
  • electrical (power).
  • biomedical
  • chemical (process, mining, metallurgy and petroleum, extractive metallurgy)
  • computer - software

If your discipline is not listed above, you will still benefit from going through the course to prepare your competency report.  

Unfortunately, no. 

We can't guarantee that after you use our course/review you won't have to fulfil other requirements from your association.  There are a lot of factors out of our control (e.g. the experience you have gained, if you were educated in Canada or abroad, if you implement our recommendations or not).

Our goal is to give you the best tools, examples, support and recommendations to make your CBA submission the strongest it can be and ensure that it is clear and concise.  By doing this, you'll be able to reduce your chances of having to fulfill other requirements. 

The start and end dates for each competency refers to the time period for just that project.  It should be a minimum of 1 month in duration. 


Validation is critical to your CBA submission.  Pick your validators wisely.  It should be someone who knows your experience well and has a reputation for doing things on time.  However, if your validators are not validating your experience for any reason (e.g. retired, sick), you can contact your association to have them switched. 

Sure!  If your association does not initially accept your CBA, we'll put our entire team of P.Eng. consultants on the mission of helping you to resubmit it (at no additional cost). We will review your submission and suggest specific ways you can rewrite each rejected competency to make it stronger and more in line with the expectations.  This might mean making your existing competencies stronger or helping you to brainstorm better examples from your work history. 

If your association still doesn't accept your resubmitted competencies, we'll issue you a full refund plus an additional $100. 

Our guarantee page allows you to claim your refund and an additional $100. 

Experience accepted or a full refund + an additional $100.

If your association does not initially accept your CBA, we'll put additional P.Eng. consultants on the mission of helping you to resubmit it (at no additional cost). If the association still doesn't accept your CBA, we'll issue you a full refund plus an additional $100. 


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Why go with a CBA course?

Our team has put in countless hours creating lessons to assist you in submitting the best possible competency-based assessment (CBA). You can learn from examples, best practices, and common mistakes, as well as understand all competencies and their indicators in straightforward language.

This on-demand course allows you to submit your very best CBA.

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