BC Competency Assessment Reporting - Course & Draft Review

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$350 or $149 (course only)

Or start with my free competency brainstorming tool

Format:      On-demand online step-by-step course

Optional Pairing:  2-hour draft review


  • 5 months of access
  • 1 full sample competency assessment report 
  • 7 step-by-step modules
  • A project to competency brainstorming tool
  • Much more

“My competency report seems easy to write … But I'm not clear what I should be saying, my written English isn't that great and this is a whole lot harder than it should be!”

Dear Aspiring Engineer, 

You've graduated with an Engineering undergraduate degree, got a few years of work experience under your belt and maybe written your Professional Practice Exam (PPE).  Now the big next step: explaining to EGBC in writing that you have the right mix of experience. 

morph resume into work experience recordMany people find it challenging to recall situations that would be appropriate for all 34 competencies. Others find the challenge in properly explaining what they've done and why they've done it. Everyone has the ability to submit a great Competency Assessment the first time and make the reviewer's job easy to say "YES, this is someone who deserves a P.Eng. licence!"

.... Yet many people take this submission lightly, and end up having their application denied, or are required to write the 6-hour Fundamental of Engineering (FE) Exam.

3 licencing factors3 criteria that can greatly influence your chances of obtaining a quick licence approval are: 

  • Your work experience
  • Where you were educated (in Canada or abroad)
  • The quality of your Competency Assessment Report

Regrettably, EGBC does not release sample competency assessment reports. Fortunately, we are independent of EGBC and we are here to help you submit a high quality competency assessment report.    

finish your work experience write upI am pretty sure that one of the following reasons is why you dropped by today: 

  • You're having trouble starting your Competency Assessment Report
  • You're having trouble finishing your Competency Assessment Report
  • You have better things to do than work on it (e.g. full-time job, enjoying your weekends)

We're happy to provide you with 3 offerings that accommodate any need or budget: 

  • Rapid Submission Course & Sample Competency Assessment Report  ($149) - Shows you step-by-step how to collect work information, learn the submission requirements and write your best Competency Assessment Report in 30 days or less. 
  • 2-Hour Draft Report Review ($275) - I will provide you with actionable feedback that will help you turn your draft into a submission-ready Competency Assessment Report that you will be proud of.   
  • Course + Review ($350) - Save $74 when you bundle my course with review service.  

Please see below for more details on each product and service.

Rapid Submission Course & Sample Competency Assessment Report

Rapid Submission Course & Sample Competency Assessment Report is my complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand (as in step 1, step 2, step 3) to start, improve, finish and submit your professional looking Competency Assessment Report to EGBC.   No ambiguity or confusion. Literally, step-by-step nothing is left out.

Immediately following payment, you'll have instant access to:

  • 7 detailed Step-By-Step Modules show you how to develop, compile and submit your report in 30 days or less
  • Submission Checklist & Tips
  • 1 full sample Competency Assessment Report (34 competencies)
  • eLearning content to save you time
  • A quiz to help you determine your chance of being asked to write technical exams or being interviewed
  • A Competency Brainstorming Tool to help you align your projects to the different competencies

You'll receive 5 months of access to the content available 24/7 (it is all digital so you can log in to access the content wherever you have an internet access), but you'll probably only need access to it for 30 days since it is my goal to help you submit in just 1 month. Even if you're working full-time.  


Plus, enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee promise if you are unsatisfied for any reason.


Here is what is inside:

  • MODULE #1: Competency Assessment Checklist and Welcome Video.
  • MODULE #2: Technical Exam & Interview Quiz: How likely are you to be asked to write technical exams or be interviewed and what can you do about it? 
  • MODULE #3: Getting to Know the EGBC Competency Assessment Online Template  
  • MODULE #4:  Get Educated on the submission Best Practices & Common Mistakes
  • MODULE #5: Compile your Competency Assessment Report: Use my Brainstorming Tool to help you align your projects with the 34 competencies. 
  • MODULE #6: Request a review of your draft report
  • MODULE #7: Submitting to EGBC

Save time, effort and reduce your chances of writing a technical exam or interview; Order today and submit in 30-days.  

Rapid Submission Course - Work Experience Record
A course to speed up & improve the quality of your submission.
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Who this course is for: Anyone who wants 1 dedicated resource to teach them step-by-step how to write and submit their best Competency Assessment Report. It is for those applying for a Professional Licence (P.Eng.).  This course has been designed for both Canadian and Foreign educated aspiring engineers. 

wer course for canadian apega applicantswer course for international apega applicants

Rapid Submission Course



What's included:

5 months of course access

7 Step-By-Step Modules show you how to develop, compile and submit your best competency assessment in 30 days or less

1 full sample competency assessment report (34 competencies) that covers examples from civil, mechanical, electrical, software and other disciplines

eLearning on submission best practices, common mistakes; and

A project to competency brainstorming tool to help you organize and write all your 34 competencies.


2-hour Draft Review


What you will get:

I will dedicate 2 hours to reviewing and providing actionable feedback to you on your draft. I will identify: common mistakes, areas for improvement and conformance with submission guidelines. I will send you a detailed email summarizing the finding in bullet format.

If your draft record is in good shape I will spend all 2 hours in one sitting. If it needs some work, I will spend 1 to 1.5 hours on it and then give you feedback. Once you make the changes I will spend the remainder on a final review. Splitting up the reviews like this produces the best results.

Note: This review service is only available to people who have ordered the Rapid Submission Course.


Course + Review

$424 $350

Save $74 by combining my Rapid Submission Course and a 2-hour review of your draft Competency Assessment Report.

SAVE $74!

Don't put off your next promotion or raise;
Order now and have your Competency Based Assessment Report submitted and approved sooner!

Who is behind the Competency Assessment Report course and review service? 

gavin course creatorMy name is Gavin and I've created the Competency Based Reporting Course and Review Services to help aspiring professional engineers answer the questions: What is really required in a good submission? Aand is there a step-by-step path to submitting my best report?  In this course, I've answered the frequently asked questions as well as show a full sample competency report - all 34 competencies.

I had the opportunity to volunteer with Engineers Canada to participate in a pilot project when it was in the process of fine-tuning the Competency Assessment Reporting System. As a result, I learned a lot about the quality needed to meet the requirements for this stage of licensure.

I worked in the construction industry for 8 years and have been published in several magazines, including Construction Canada Magazine. I am a P.Eng. in Alberta and devote 100% of my time to helping aspiring engineers overcome licensing hurdles. You can contact me here.