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Next National Professional Practical Exam (NPPE): November 19-22, 2018


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  • Unlimited attempts of practice questions
  • 110 to 200+ practice MCQ with full solutions
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About the NPPE Course

Course Description

Using a variety of learning methods, this course will build your foundation of knowledge on ethics, law and professional practice topics.

In fact, the entire 40 syllabus topics are covered under the 6 major categories:

  • I. Professionalism - All 4 sub-topics covered
  • II. Ethics - All 4 sub-topics covered
  • III. Professional Practice - All 10 sub-topics covered
  • IV. Law for Professional Practice - All 14 sub-topics covered
  • V. Professional Law - All 4 sub-topics covered
  • VI. Regulation of Members & Discipline Processes - All 4 sub-topics covered

In the course, you will learn each topic as you move through the 8-steps. Flashcards, a cheat sheet, video presentations, a quiz and a bank of practice questions are available to you to help you learn the content in different ways.

This proven method of teaching produces much higher information retention rates compared to the exam writer who tries to self-study the material.

What are the requirements?

Each student needs an internet connection and a computer. Owning the law and ethics textbooks is also strongly recommended, as I refer to them in the course constantly.

What am I going to learn from this course?

You will understand all 40 syllabus topics that relate to your NPPE and be better prepared to pass your exam. Since the exam simulator will mark your practice exam and give you a score and feedback, you'll know right away the topics that you understand and those that you need to focus more time on. 

Who should take this course? 

This course is for anyone who would like a more efficient way of preparing for their National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE). In order to become a licensed engineer, passing the NPPE is a required step for the following Canadian engineering associations:

  • Alberta: APEGA
  • Manitoba: EGM (formerly APEGM)
  • New Brunswick: APEGNB
  • Newfoundland & Labrador: PEGNL
  • Northwest Territories & Nunavut: NAPEG
  • Nova Scotia: Engineers Nova Scotia
  • Ontario: APGO
  • Yukon: APEY

Regrettably, the above associations don't release sample/old exams for practising (as this would require a lot of extra work to come up with new questions 5 times a year). Luckily, we are independent of these associations and we have developed our own practice questions based on the exam scope and syllabus.

How was the course designed?

Through this course, along with the others on this site, I have helped thousands of aspiring engineers overcome their licensing hurdles.  This course has been updated and refined over the years to ensure it remains:

  1. Current with the exam scope and your associations testing requirements.
  2. Comprehensive by covering all topics on the exam.
  3. Simple to follow. Just 8-steps in the course laid out on one membership page.

Also, when updating the course, I always reach out to existing and past students to find out what they found challenging about studying for the exam. Here are just a few of the examples that I considered when making the course even more useful:

These 3 challenges and many others have influenced the material, design and learning approach to this course.

computer based NPPE

The NPPE is now computer based. Don't worry, our course has been updated to reflect the changes.


pass National Professional Practice ExamWhy take this course?
Having the ability to practice hundreds of multiple choice questions with solutions can make the different between passing and having to re-write. Consider our NPPE - Total Prep Online Course if you want the opportunity to:
  • Pass on your first try (and earn well above the 65% required)
  • Save time and identify areas where you need more studying
  • Avoid re-writing and re-studying 

What are you going to receive?
The NPPE - Total Prep Online Course comes complete with: 

  • Access to our flashcard generator to speed up definition comprehension
  • Section on how-to write multiple choice question (MCQ) exams
  • Up to 200+ MCQs and solutions with author explanation or textbook page reference
  • Video lessons for each of the 40 syllabus topics 
  • Continually updated content
  • Updated to reflect the computer based 110-question format
  • 100% Pass Guarantee - If you don't pass you'll get a full refund


Attending a weekend seminar for this exam can run from $200 to $600.  We've priced our resources at about 55% of that cost to save you money and to allow you the flexibility of studying at your own pace. We're happy to offer you three options for any budget:

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Cheat sheet, study checklist & embedded flashcards


Updated Continuously

Video lessons for each syllabus topic

Syllabus Quiz on All 40 Topics

# Practice Questions


Length of Access


Pro Plus




Online Course

175 practice MCQs


12 months

• Links to key NPPE resources

• List of top employers that hire engineers

• Audio interviews with past exam writers




Online Course

175 practice MCQs

4 months

• Links to key NPPE resources

• List of top employers that hire engineers

• Audio interviews with past exam writers





Online Course

110 practice MCQs

4 months

• Links to key NPPE resources


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Who is behind the NPPE "Total Prep" Online Course?

gavin course creator

Gavin Simone, P.Eng.

My name is Gavin and I've created the NPPE Total Prep Course to help aspiring professional engineers and geoscientists answer the questions: Where do I start studying? and Am I ready for this exam? In this comprehensive course, I've laid out a proven study method created to take you step-by-step to your passing grade. I have included all the education, tools and practice you will need to be successful, and nothing you don't need.
By giving exam writers a lot of practice doing mock exams, which aims to mimic the exam format and difficulty, students of this course are able to easily identify and correct any areas of weakness.

Recognizing that about 1/3 of exam writers were not born in Canada and may speak English as a second language, I've intentionally made this course easy to understand and follow.

I worked in the construction industry for 8 years and have been published in several magazines, including Construction Canada Magazine. In 2012, I volunteered with Engineers Canada to help it develop a new system for reporting engineering work experience.I am a P.Eng. in Alberta and you can connect with me by joining our Facebook group or through our contact page.

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