Stress in Soil video

Civ-A4 - Stress in Soil video

This video will give you a sense of how to approach this common exam question. You'll learn about the topic, what they typically ask for, what formulas/methods to use and how to approach the question.
In this 35-minute video, our instructor will explain his thought process as he progresses through a sample Stress in Soil problem.

This video is just 1 of 6 blackboard videos included in our Civ-A4 Course to help members become well prepared for the Civ-A4 exam.

Need more Civ-A4 Help?

Our Civ-A4 Course comes fully equipped to help you prepare for this exam.  You'll have instant access to: a study checklist & cheatsheet; 3 solved exams; 6 blackboard videos for solving common questions (Stress in Soil, Increase in Vertical Stress, Shear Strength of Soil, Consolidation, Water Seepage and Lateral Earth Pressure & Retaining Structures); and email support. 

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