Alberta - Licencing Courses for APEGA Applicants

  • Association: APEGA
  • Licence types available: 
    • Professional Member - P.Eng. or P.Geo.
    • Professional Licensee - P.L.(Eng.) or P.L.(Geo.)
    • Licensee
    • Member-in-Training (M.I.T.) 
  • Determine which licence you qualify for at:

Below are my courses and resources that will help you attain your professional designation:

NPPE Course

This course will help you to:  

  • Save time - following our step-by-step study process
  • Learn faster - using a flashcard resource for definitions
  • Simulate the exam - by trying our sample exams and comparing with our solutions 

Alberta Competency Assessment Course & Review

This course will help you to:

  • Save time - by showing you how to write your best report
  • Reduce the risk of writing technical exams
  • Generate ideas of what to put in each of the 22 competencies

FE Exam

Review of 3rd party courses and exclusive discount codes to help you start your studying.

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