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19 thoughts on “Engineering Newsletter – December 2023”

  1. Thank you for reading this month. For this post, please answer one (or both) questions:
    Q1. How does cybersecurity impact your engineering work?
    Q2. What was one thing that surprised you about the engineering licence journey?  

    1. Q2: One thing that has surprised me about the engineering license journey, is actually the amount of people who chose NOT to before a professional. I find that a large portion of my schooling peers did not choose to pursue professional engineering , but rather chose to follow designer based roles.

    2. Humayun Khalid Kathuria

      Q1. How does cybersecurity impact your engineering work?
      Ans. Cybersecurity breach can potentially halt our operations, and most likely will expose our customer’s information. Not acceptable at all!
      Q2. What was one thing that surprised you about the engineering licence journey?
      Ans. The extensiveness of the CBA component. The validator’s involvement with each competency. It was a long journey.

  2. Shyam Bharadwaj Balasubramanian

    Q1. How does cybersecurity impact your engineering work?
    As a manufacturing unit, there are confidential designs that needs to be protected. The computers can also be a target for phishing. Cybersecurity keeps all malicious attack in check and also helps in purging affected systems. Also, if a system is infected, the person operating on that system cannot do any work until its been cleared. In which case, job that needs to be done is delayed, which is a loss for the company.

    Q2. What was one thing that surprised you about the engineering license journey?
    The only surprise (in a good way) for me was that the ethics exam was made online multiple choice questions when I was asked to take during the COVID period. The rest of the process was expected, straightforward and outlined at the PEO website.

  3. Q1. How does cybersecurity impact your engineering work? Nowadays, company were using cloud base and cybersecurity would have a significant impact on engineering data.

    Q2. What was one thing that surprised you about the engineering licence journey? Took my FE exam passed first take. I was surprised NPPE was much harder to pass than FE. That’s my experience when I didn’t focus on the review, but thanks to PracticePPEexams course got passed.

  4. I am probably most surprised by the number of engineering grads who don’t follow through to obtain their P.Eng license.

  5. 1. Cybersecurity is extremely important to engineering work today, with regular trainings mandated by the company and while communicating with external vendors, it is very important to be mindful of the proprietary information we share.
    2. The fees to get and remain licensed.

  6. To answer these two questions:
    Q1. How does cybersecurity impact your engineering work? Lot of training we have in our company to protect us from the cyber attacks specially during the vacations periods.
    Q2. What was one thing that surprised you about the engineering licence journey? I appreciated your help during my license journey.

  7. 2. The biggest surprise was how long it took me to be motivated to get my license. I met all the requirements, just never took the test until 7 years into my engineering career.

  8. How does cybersecurity impact your engineering work?
    I am surprised when preparing client proposals for large mining projects, that although the client did not include cybersecurity, when we add it to the proposal the client is happy to include that item in the scope of work as its usually an area they have forgotten, understanding its value added.
    It’s become a no-brainer in our company to promote this now as we have a whole multi-person division totally committed to cyber-security projects.

  9. Q1 how does cyber security impact my engineering work?
    One of the ways in which it impacts my engineering work is that every time I have to update or download a new software on my work computer or even if I have to clear some space from the local disk of a remote desktop, I have to get temporary credentials from my IT department which slows down my work sometimes.

  10. Q1: Two companies I worked for got attacked. One lost lots of engineering files, could only rely on hard copies for a while. The other one, the email system got unfunctional for a week.

    Q2: Expensive

  11. Q1 In the Oil and gas industry, cyber security is important as control of our systems could mean control of our physical assets in the field!

  12. 95% of my engineering work is done and saved on a computer either on the company’s server or locally. As time goes on I’ve noticed our IT manager having to upgrade our cybersecurity measures to help protect our work.

  13. A1 – Cybersecurity is extremely important in my engineering work involving crucial data, as it ensures protection against cyber attacks that can damage the system or compromise sensitive information.

    A2. Lack of knowledge transfer sessions from retiring professionals.

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