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17 thoughts on “Engineering Newsletter – January 2024”

  1. Thank you for reading!
    This month’s questions are:
    Q1. Beyond taking courses, how do you stay updated and continue your professional development in such a rapidly evolving field? 
    Q2. Are there any specific mentorship experiences you would like to share, either as a mentor or mentee, and the impact it had on your professional growth?

    1. Arundeep Kakkar

      Answer to Q1: By going to events, coffee talks, following company news on LinkedIn, networking, and meeting the leadership teams of various companies.

      Answer to Q2: At the end of the day we are a by-product of our environment. At any phase of life, we either have been coached or acted as a coach in either a formal or an informal way. The more we integrate and socialize the more opportunities we are swarmed with.

    2. I find three key ways to stay abreast of developments in the field. First and foremost, I socialize with peers, finding out what is going on in other arenas. The second is newsletters, and sometimes workshops and conferences. Finally, getting out, and walking the floor to identify trouble areas, or areas where improvements are sought leads to researching options and opportunities, which inevitably leads to the discovery of new methods, equipment, or processes.

    3. Q1. I mostly stay updated through Linkedin, other ways are through newsletters, peers and other subscriptions.
      Q2. Mentorship has positively played a crucial role in my professional development – saved lot of time, provided right direction.

  2. I think networking with other colleagues and professionals in the industry is the best way to stay on top of new technologies and innovations. I frequently attend conferences to continue my professional development.

  3. Q1: I like to subscribe to many different periodicals. For example, Harvard Business Review has lots of great articles spanning myriad topics relevant to many engineers in a professional setting.

    Q2: I have, unfortunately, not yet taken the opportunity to become a mentor. This question has sparked the desire, however.

  4. A1. Being a member of professional engineering associations such as: the Drainage Superintendents Association of Ontario, attending regular members meeting, asking projects specific questions and sharing ideas and solutions based on everyone’s experience with various engineering and drainage projects. results in enhancing my professional development.
    A2. As a mentee, one very useful mentorship experience that I gained and helped me grow throughout my career is to be a good listener and ask all my questions prior to taking on a project or a task and clarify the unknowns. this ensure that I am on the same page with my mentor from the beginning. As a result, the project work flow becomes easier as I am confident that I don’t have hesitations in the process

  5. 1) I attend conferences and attend as many paper presentation sessions as possible at these conferences. I’m also a member of several on-line mining groups and mining software groups, which are a great way to transfer knowledge and information and keep in the loop on the latest mining technologies.
    2) At the CIM National Convention last spring I chaired a couple of sessions which gives one the opportunity to stay current and to ask relevant questions, in addition I presented a full-day short course which is a great way to act as a mentor to pass on relevant industry information.

  6. Jerrett Bellamy

    Our company regularly brings on co op students who I get to mentor. I enjoy working with them and also learning from their experiences. A recent student was heavily involved with a Formula SAE race car team. Learning about the design challenges and their solutions was very interesting.

  7. Humayun Khalid Kathuria

    Q1: By participation in the advanced topics within the company I work in. Usually we like to explore new technologies and have lunch and learn sessions around those.
    Q2: When I migrated to Canada, I was able to find a mentor through an immigrant serving organization. That mentor helped me big time to understand how should I approach the job market here. It deifnitely gave me confidence, and I ended up working for a decent company.

  8. Q1. You’ve got to show up, whether it is conferences, meetings, seminars, there are opportunities all around. You have to seek them out, talk with the attendees and do your best to make connections. This rapidly expands your network and increases the ‘surface area’ for your learning.

    Q2. Sometimes a mentor or advisor comes from an unexpected pathway. I recently met someone who gave me some advice on the consulting business. Turns out he had written 5 books, and was giving an online seminar that my wife (aspiring author) and I atteneded. Afterwards I reached out and picked his brain regarding consulting. Stay on the lookout for these unexpected opportunities!

  9. Adetoyese Oyedun

    Q1. Beyond taking courses, I stay updated in the rapidly evolving field by regularly engaging in industry forums, attending conferences, and participating in webinars. Additionally, I actively follow reputable technical publications, subscribe to newsletters, and participate in online communities where professionals share insights and discuss emerging trends. Continuous self-directed learning and hands-on projects also play a crucial role in my professional development.

    Q2. I have had valuable mentorship experiences on both sides — as a mentor and a mentee. As a mentee, having an experienced guide provided me with insights into navigating complex projects and honing my problem-solving skills. As a mentor, I found that explaining concepts to others enhanced my own understanding, and the exchange of ideas benefited both parties. Mentorship has significantly contributed to my professional growth by providing guidance, expanding my network, and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

  10. Q1. I mostly stay updated through Linkedin, other ways are through newsletters, peers and other subscriptions.
    Q2. Mentorship has positively played a crucial role in my professional development – saved lot of time, provided right direction.

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