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Career Webinar – Top 5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

Watch this pre-recorded webinar on the 5 reasons you didn't get the job that I hosted along with Marcus Williams, an HR consultant from Mississauga, Ontario with over 10 years of recruitment experience.

Webinar was recorded on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Some audience questions discussed in this video:

Q: What is the best answer to “describe your weakness”?

Q: Do you recommend winging it or actually studying the company?

Q: What is the best way to answer odd or weird interview questions that might come up?

Q: When it comes to clothing, what is the best option?

Q: Should I ever lie? How about exaggeration? Or stick to the point?

Q: Is it good to ask for ways to improve your resume or cover letter at the end of your interview?

Q: To keep sharp, how many practice interviews should I do monthly even if I have a job?

HR Consultant & Presenter

Marcus Williams, managing partner and founder of the Evolution HR Consulting Group with over 10 years of recruitment experience. Has sourced out "A" engineering talent within various verticals, disciplines, and industries for public, private sectors for corporate and agency recruitment functions. Passionate about helping others reach their career and HR Departmental goals.

Your Host

Gavin Simone - engineering education creator

Gavin Simone, P.Eng. runs Practice PPE Exams where he has helped nearly 4,000 aspiring engineers overcome licensing hurdles in Canada.  He has hired over of dozen consultant for this company and can share his thoughts on this topic and the hiring process.

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  1. Gavin Simone on December 31, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    Thanks again to Marcus for lending his expertise on this topic.

    We look forward to catching up with you in next month’s webinar.

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