Q: Will my PhD or MSc count towards my required experience for PEO or APEGA?

I have an engineering PhD from the University of Alberta, a thesis-based MSc degree in geotechnical engineering from another country, and a BSc in civil engineering. I am registered as an EIT (engineer in training) with APEGA but am living and working in Ontario so I want to apply for my PEng through PEO.
Will my PhD and MSc research be counted towards the required 24 months of experience?


A: Great question!

PEO gives up to a total of 12 months of credit for doing a Master's, PhD or both.
APEGA gives up to a total of 24 months of credit.
In both cases, your PhD and MSc must be related to your undergrad in civil engineer. For APEGA, the Master's degree must be thesis-based (not course-based) to be eligible.

We're happy to help with your licensing steps, regardless if you decide to apply with PEO or APEGA. Typically, submitting your Experience Record would be your first step with PEO if you were internationally educated for your undergrad.

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