NPPE 2015 Changes

Changes for National Professional Practice Exam in October 2015

Starting in October 19, 2015 NPPE exam writers will be moving from a paper based to computer based exam as the NPPE goes digital.  The participating engineering association like APEGA just released details on their respective websites.  The changes will be:

  • total questions: 110 multiple choice questions (100 previously)
  • exam length: 2.5 hours (2 hours previously)
  • Administered by Yardstick testing group (APEGA previously)
  • Cost:  increase to $175 (up from $140)
In addition to the changes mentioned above, in 2016 exam writers will be able to write at 5 sitting dates (4 previously) which will be in January, March, June, September and November.

NPPE 110 Question Computer Based Exam

NPPE will be moving to an 110-question exam.  This may mean that the scope and syllabus may change slightly to accommodate the extra 10 exam questions.  Another alternative is that the weighting of question topics may change to allow a heavier weight on certain topics tort law or whistleblowing.

A benefit of most computer-based exams is that the user can usually:

  • keep track of questions they are unsure about by flagging them and returning later on
  • keep better track of time as the exam will have a timer displayed on the computer

It should be noted that 10 questions are calibrating question; meaning that they are counted against the writers score but instead used to test out future questions.

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NPPE 2.5 hour exam

One benefit of the extra half hour is that writers will have extra time to write each question.  Under the old system, you had only 1.2 minutes per question (120 minutes over 100 questions).  Now you have a whopping 1.4 minutes per question (150 minutes over 110 question).   This extra time can really benefit the writer and give him/her extra time to revisit 'flagged' questions that they were unsure about their first time through the exam.

As per usual, has updated its NPPE Total Prep Online Course to ensure that it is ready for the first wave of computer-based exam writers.

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  1. The extra questions and length means that exam writers must practice sitting for longer periods of time and get used to answering more questions on more topics. Be sure to practice for the extra length and prepare by knowing the syllabus from top to bottom.

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