In June 2015, Practice PPE Exams became the only exam provider to offer an SK PPE Exam Guide. We have since replaced the guide with a step-by-step SK PPE Total Prep Online Course


Here is detailed information about the exam. 

With only 3 hours to write all four parts, I recommend that you should divide your time up accordingly to the points awarded:

PPE SK Exam Format

The SK PPE is a real mix of different types of questions; more so than any other Professional Practice Exam (PPE) in Canada. The exam is broken up into four parts: 

  • Part A: True and False Questions
  • Part B:  Short Answer & Multiple Choice 
  • Part C:  Essay
  • Part D:  Long Essay

SK PPE exam timingo   Part A = 36 minutes

o   Part B1 = 43 minutes

o   Part B2 = 32 minutes

o   Part C = 43 minutes

o   Part D = 25 minutes

o   TOTAL = 180 minutes (or 3 hours)


Download my SK PPE Cheat Sheet to get a summarized overview of the key topics and recommended study method.

Sample SK PPE Questions

Only through trying a sample exam will you be able to practice the "pace" that you'll need to write the real thing.  
Now, let's look at a sample True/False question that might be similar to the ones you find in Part A:

APEGS PPE multiple choice questionsQ.  Sundar has come up with a trademark to identify his drilling operation. The trademark is “drillin’ down deep”. Sundar’s most affordable option to establish ownership of the mark is to submit an application on his own to the Office of the Registrar of Trade-marks.

T  F

(please make your best selection before reading below)

A. False. Under common law, if you use a mark for a certain amount of time, you can establish ownership for free. This is cheaper than paying to register it (currently $250 to $300). Guide to Trade-Marks pg. 4-6.

How did you do on the above?

Now that you're all warmed up, let's try your knowledge at a multiple choice question (MCQ) which is found in section B2 on the exam:

Q. Voiding a contract between parties is possible under very specific circumstances. One of those circumstances is a mistake, which requires three elements in order for it to be considered by the courts. Which of the following is NOT one of the three elements?

A. It must be mutual.

B. It must be significant.

C. It must have existed at the time of contract formation.

D. It must relate to unforeseen circumstances.

(please take a guess before reading below)


A. D. is correct. A B and C are all criteria for a contract mistake. Law Text pg. 50.

This is a very brief look at the APEGS PPE that is written only twice a year. Passing it on your first try is critical to avoid stalling your P.Eng. or P.Geo licence application process.

For more information about our online course, which includes a full practice exam (with solutions), please visit our SK PPE Total Prep Online Course page to claim your free SK PPE 2-page cheat sheet.

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  1. Gavin Simone on September 27, 2016 at 11:11 am

    The SK PPE combines the most different question types than any other PPE in Canada. Most have multiple-choice; or short & long answer. This exam combines 4 different question types.

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