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Exam Basics

About: The Advanced Structural Analysis exam is written nationally for civil/structural engineers.  The code for this exam is:

  • Civil - 16-Civ-B1 (or you may see it like YY-Civ-B1, Civ-B1)
  • Structural - 07-Str-A4 (or YY-Str-A4, Str-A4)

The exam tests candidate’s understanding and knowledge of structural analysis, through stability, determinacy, methods of analyzing statically and kinetically indeterminate structures, concept of bending and shear and thereby bending and shear diagrams and influence line diagrams.

Format: 3-hour long, closed book exam. Out of the eight questions that are asked in the exam, only six needs to be attempted (choice is given among limited/specified problems).

Dates written: The exam is offered twice every year in the months of May and December.

Approved aids: Since the course is highly computational, an approved scientific calculator is permitted. 

Your Reviewers & Technical Support Helpers

Olu Oyelade - Hydraulic Engineering exam solutions reviewerOlu Oyelade obtained his degree in civil engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2000. He has over 15 years of practical experience in structural engineering analysis and design with emphasis on reinforced concrete as well structural steel design in buildings and industrial settings. He has led a variety of civil and structural engineering designs and supervision on complex and high-quality projects.

Textbooks & References

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